December, 2015

This release of the Vulcan software includes the modifications and enhancements listed below.

  • You can now access Trimble® Connect™ software from the main menu of the Vulcan software. - Trimble Connect software is a new way for designers, builders, owners and operators to collaborate, share and view project information. For more information, refer to
  • The last successful user to log in to the Vulcan software is now remembered and displayed when logging in again.
  • The sort order for Spiral duct has changed to the following order:
    • First, Gauge, sorted from heaviest to lightest.
    • Second, Diameter, sorted from largest to smallest.
    • Third, Length, sorted from shortest to longest.
  • You can now delete multiple scopes from Scope Editor / Scope Manager. You can:
    • Select multiple files that are grouped together. To do this:
      • Click the first file.
      • Press and hold down the [Shift] key, click the last file and then release the [Shift] key.
    • Select a number of files that are not grouped together. To do this:
      • Click the first file.
      • Press and hold down the [Ctrl] key, in turn click each of the other files that you want to select and then release the [Ctrl] key.
    • Select a combination of grouped and single files. To do this:
      • Click the first file you want to select.
      • Hold down the [Shift] key, select the last file in the group that you want to include and then release the [Shift] key.
      • Now hold down the [Ctrl] key and click any other file(s) that you want to add to those already selected and then release the [Ctrl] key.

Tip – To deselect a file, hold down the [Ctrl] key and click the selected file again.

  • Notches on fittings produced in gore packs can now be produced as a V or a Z notch:

To enable the Z Notch feature, select Setup / Options and then select the Cut Z Gore Pattern option. To use this new feature on existing jobs, you must reprocess them.

  • The Main Menu, Tool Palette, and Right-Click Menu have been reorganized and condensed for ease of use and accessibility.
  • In addition to the Accessory label, you can now add both Center and Connector reinforcing information to the Metal label:
    • Go to Setup / Designer Labels, select the desired label series and then click the Designer tab.
    • From the Designer tab, ensure that the Metal label type is selected and then select the following fields:
      • Connector Heading
      • Connector Reinforcing
      • Intermediate Heading
      • Intermediate Reinforcing
    • Once the fields have been enabled, place the fields in the desired location and then click Save Changes.