Common Issues for Trimble Accubid Classic Estimating

  1. How do I contact MEP Client Services for technical support with my Trimble Accubid Estimating Products?
  2. How do I install my Trimble Accubid Classic software?
  3. Accubid program files have been changed or moved.
  4. The Web update cannot contact the Trimble Accubid Server.  How do I update my Security Server?
  5. When creating a Temporary Item in Trimble Accubid Classic programs, each field repeatedly shows Description. How can I fix this?
  6. What ports or applications need firewall exceptions for the Security Server?
  7. I have the LiveCount software and want to use is with my Trimble Accubid Classic software. How do I link the two?
  8. How do I export an Accubid Classic job to Microsoft Project?
  9. How do I automatically update NECA labor rates in Trimble Accubid Classic using Trade Service Online Link Update Manager?
  10. Where are my Trimble Accubid Classic jobs and material databases stored?
  11. Is there a way to setup Trimble Accubid Supplier Link vendor price updates in the Classic software?
  12. My Database cannot be found when attempting to open a job. What do I need to do?
  13. Windows 10 is not displaying programs correctly.Help!
  14. MFC100.dll is missing from your computer when opening Trimble Accubid Classic program. What do I need to do?​
  15. How do I set my file locations?
  16. Is there a suggested process for data loss and recovery?
  17. Can I move my Classic Estimating application to another server?
  18. Is it possible to change the location of my database and job folders?
  19. Is it possible to move a standalone license to a network?
  20. This page contains information about the Trimble Integrator software.

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Support & Software Maintenance (Electrical)

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Trimble Accubid Estimating Products

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